The  next Comic Biennial takes place 2012, in Tallinn, Estonia. Event will be international and while giving overview of comic art, done in last 2 years. Also opportunity to get an overview, in witch direction is moving comic art in other places around us? Hopefully it also gives opportunity for recognition moments: How much it has in common..  Event will be international, selection for exhibitions starts  January 2011. Selection for curator projects has started. Proposals warmly waited.

Why Comic Bienniale?
The event takes place for the first time. 16 April- 16 May 2010, in the old reconstructed factorybuilding of Culture Factory of Polymer. Event was made, to give an overview of current happenings in Estonian Comic field. As objectively as possible. And to find out together, what are the perspectives of this medium? (Considered the fact that this all is happening in conditions of a small Post-Soviet country.) What are the upcoming projects, comic books and events about? What are artistic goals of it?  This event will hopefully time for reflection not a judgement. Filled with curiosity, humor, co work and fresh ideas. Invited are all artist, working in comic medium. Event is meant to take place over each 2 year, bring together comic makers, comic readers and critics and celebrate.

The main goal of event: organise cultural exhange, exhange of artwork and knowledge in comic art field.
Create place where comic artists can meet eachother and get an overview of events, changes in last 2 years.
Hopefully it offers opportunity for comparance and reasons to selebrate recent developments.

We kindly thank you all supporters, advisors. Especially Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Edicy, Dutch Embassy for economical support and international guests who participated Comic Bienniale, on this year:

Latvian Embassador: Kārlis Eihenbaums, Latvian comic artists:Sanita Muizniece, Ingrida Pikucane.
Guests behalf of Dutch Embassy: Merel Rolf, Martin Smith, Kaire Lehtorg,
International artists, joining an expo:  Yoskaude Pakalkaite, David Schilter, Ekaterina Dresvyanina, Avantia Damberg, Ingrida Picukane.