# "AWAKENING" by Martin Rästa (in Estonian)
# "This and that about service" by Martiini (in Estonian) , # "Faith to comparancing Oo-logy" by Martiini (in Estonian) # "Suburban Hugs" sample comics from longer series by Alar Pikkorainen # "EST",               "Wanted" Paul Udu # "Peetri reisid" autor: Meelis Kirsimets # "A and O" made by Ülo Pikkov, published in newspaper "Eesti Ekspress"

# "Smoking causes heavvy damage" posters made by Marko Kekishev
#"WABARIIK" online comic made by: Andrei Liimets, Tõnis Tootsen, Kadri Märtin
available on website 
# "Muti-Oncle" web-comic by Thomas Verrev www.mutionu.org
#"Bourgeois_plastics" by Ott Pilipenko
#"in the Oasis of Dreamsands"  sample of comic and cover of his recent book by Alar Sapelkov http://www.fooniks.com
#"Narva street 89" byPiret Tammejõe, teacher Joonas Sildre
#"PESAKOND" comic series by Madis Ots, official webpage: http://www.pesakond.ee                                            current artwork is cut from  poster for comic exposition of "PESAKOND" by Martin Kekishev

#"ALABAMA" comic book series by Aleksei Nehoroshkin, Anna Afanasyeva, full version: www.herewerest.com
#  "PULLING MAGIC OUT OF THE AIR" by Yoshi (Lithuanian) her comic-label YUKIMODE:  www.yukimode.net

#"MOE" by Jaanus Sakkis
# "cut-outs from various comics" made by Veiko Liis, Ronnie Jaanhold
#"Is there life before death?" by La Ira http://monmort.blogspot.com/